Welcome to Bellafill Filler By Dr. Rajani

Look younger for longer, naturally

Bellafill® offers beauty that lasts! It is a smooth, collagen-based filler with PMMA microspheres. The PMMA re-creates the firm structure of younger-looking skin by supporting production of your body’s own collagen. The collagen immediately adds volume to smooth away facial wrinkles known as smile lines, and the PMMA microspheres help your skin re-create its own firmer structure for beautiful, younger-looking skin and lasting results.

Dr. Anil Rajani, MD of Portland Oregon is passionate about making your aesthetic enhancement effective and putting a pause on the aging process. He really has an art of turning the clock back. Dr. Rajani performs each cosmetic BellaFill treatment himself, achieving natural long lasting beauty for women and men in his care.

We look forward to setting up a complimentary consult with Dr. Rajani. Please email us directly at experts@rajanimd.com or call us today at 503.303.8313.

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